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About Us is an online casino gambling portal comprised of dedicated and responsible group of people focused to deliver the best and most accurate information about the online casino industry in general. We have accumulated lots of experience in the industry and we have decided to do our best and deliver the most detailed information about online casinos, games, software, bonuses and so on. On our site you can read detailed reviews of online casinos, games and bonuses, mobile and live dealer casinos, banking options, casino software, news and a lot more. All our reviews are broken down into highly detailed information about specific aspects on online casino gambling.


Secure Transactions
Your information privacy is our top priority and we have a multi-faceted system to ensure that all your sensitive information is safe and secure. This starts from the moment when you start registered in our portal and continues after withdrawal of your winnings is made.

Fair Play
All members game playing in are guaranteed, protected, and fair gaming environment. Random Number Generators (RNGs) take the place of dealers, ensuring complete randomness in game results. All of our RNG results are reviewed monthly is a must by routined of our auditors with the a fixed percentage of monthly payouts to ensure that every game is fair. In-case of any malfunction, payment or game fault occured, members are required to take a screen snap or print screen as a proof of claims

Excellence in Customer Care
In-case of any complains, queries and assistance, our friendly customer care systems are always there 24/7 for you. From live chats, mobile, sms , WeChat to WhatsApp , there is always one solution for you.

Fraud & Security
Players are only allowed to register ONE account per person as a random security checks are to maintain system integrity and fairness. If we found any players engaging in deceptive or fraudulance practices, the webmaster will terminates the accounts involved immediately. As per the terms of our licenses and the T&C of our business, funds received through deception may be confiscated and/or retrieved.

Responsible Gaming
Responsible gaming is our top priority at We have many procedures in place to identify and eliminate the problem of compulsive gambling. These include: permitting players to define their own maximum deposit amount, preventing members from entering the casino upon request, cutting off the delivery of any promotional materials, and barring casino entry to anyone below the age of 21. In addition, putting lots of efforts on enduring all its employees on how to deal with excessive gambling and those underage gambling, including how to identify member’s excessive gambling. guarantees that customers always have assistance with any issues.

To this end, our Customer’s service crews is available for help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Players can contact the crews by their preferred method – phone, email, online chat, WeChat or sms in three langguages ( English , Chinese, Malay ).

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